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Along with serve, short serve discounts, attack shots, and defensive shots, the blocking range is one of the 5 major families of technical moves in our sport.

Some have mastered them so much that they have made them the basis of their game system, the “block players”.When it comes to playing against, even if he was able to be effective in all systems of play, we always quote the immense Jan-Ove Waldner. Olympic champion in 1992, he was flag bearer of the Swedish delegation in Atlanta in 1996. He was twice world champion. The greatest variation in “blocks”, we will come back to this.

the cushioned block , carried out with a “total” relaxation of the hand, the fingers, makes it possible to make a potential “fifth ball” much shorter than expected to the attacker, which often causes the fault.
the block cuts , in the same way, prints a cut effect. It is very effective, but unfortunately really difficult to place. Due to the speed and timing, a lot of attempts end up in the wall.
the side blocks . Huge in terms of performance, they are also huge in terms of efficiency. A “wiper” movement at the moment of ball-racquet contact, just with the hand, gives the block a lateral effect. It imposes a new component to be managed for the attacker.


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